Thursday, October 20, 2011

Teddy Bear Sleepover Pictures

Just had to share a few shots of the fun we had at the Teddy Bear Sleepover. Yesterday I posted what we did in storytime for this event. After storytime for the craft, each of the kids drew a picture of his/her stuffed animal on a piece of regular sized blank paper. They also filled in their Teddy's name, age, favorite color, and favorite book.

Then they said good night and tucked their teddies in.

Tucked In

After all the kids were gone, my student worker and I took pictures of the animals frolicking all around the library. We had a great time :)

Once I had all the pictures, I put together two 'scrapbook pages' with captions. One page was the same for all the animals, and the second page I customized with pictures highlighting the animal whose book it would be. I took the really large construction paper--12x18?--and folded that in half. On the front I taped the page the kids filled out with the drawings of their animals,  and on the inside I taped the two 'scrapbook' pages full of pictures. When the kids came in the next day to retrieve their friends, they got a memory book with pictures of what happened while they were away. It was a smashing success and I can't wait for the next one!

Snack Time

Ooh, the Book Drop!

Shelving Cart Races

Taking over the Library Van

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