Monday, October 24, 2011

On Display--Dr. Seuss and Seussical the Musical

Our local community theater is staging a production of Seussical the Muscial opening the first week of November, so I put together a display using all the books that are part of the musical. 

Since there aren't a ton of books, I made liberal use of the color copier. I photocopied the cover of each title(after cleaning and fixing them all up--eesh) and mounted them on blue construction paper. That way if the books get checked out the display will still look full and attractive.

I use Microsoft Publisher to make my signs. The font is Grinched, a free font that I downloaded--I LOVE it. I spent some time on the Dr. Seuss website Seussville, and printed some characters from the different activity sheets available there.

And, in a last minute bright idea, I whipped up a little game! We have a mural that includes the cat in the hat, and a spooky Halloween cat up right now, so kids may or may not include those in their 'ten' that they find. I actually put out nine paper cats around the library so it won't be too hard of a challenge.

Took me ten minutes tops to print, cut-out, and tape these up around the library!

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  1. Hi Anna,
    I was wondering if you had an email where I can contact you in regards to doing some picture book reviews.


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