Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Batty Batty Batty Bat

Halloween is coming! But uh oh, what's that?

Eek! It's a bat.

There seem to be a lot of them...

We recently changed a policy at the library, which I knew would be hard on kids who don't have money or involved parents. So in anticipation of this, I offered the kids a way to 'work' for me.  Since Halloween is coming, I had them cut out some decorations. I LOVE how floppy and kind of realistic the bats turned out!

The bats are made using this clipart. I made it as large as I could on a regular 8.5x11 piece of paper and printed a template on cardstock for them to trace onto construction paper and cut out.

I used this Jack-o-Lantern and again made a cardstock template. I cut out the eyes and mouth using an X-acto knife so they could just color in those features like a stencil.

When I first started here, I spent a day with the ladder, stringing fishing line from the ceiling tiles and tying paper clips to the ends. I leave them up all the time, and just paperclip new decorations on according to the season. It's so easy! When they're empty, they're practically invisible.

The best thing is that I have this song in my head all the time now.

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