Monday, October 29, 2012

Convincing Reasons to Never Leave Your Job

 From the adorable beyond words file, I received this in the mail today:

As many of you know and others may suspect, I left my job at the end of September. My husband got a transfer with his job, and we are excited to be back in the place where we consider home. As happy as we were personally, it was a difficult time for me, leaving my library and all the relationships I had there. I am beyond lucky to already have a job as a Children's Librarian in our new place, but things have been crazy busy with the move and re-settling. Everything--and I mean everything--is new and different and unsettled right now. But it's getting better.

As it happens I DO have a nose piercing.

I am also known for wearing heels

I'm so thankful for the time I spent at my old job, and so humbled by the impact that I had on all my my little people there. I am sorry to have left them, but I'm totally looking forward to writing some sticker-filled letters very soon!

Ms. Anna
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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Learning to Let Go

Book Bin from The Library Store, Inc.

I'm not out to convert anybody, but to share the story of my conversion.

Let's talk about bins. Specifically bins for picture books. The kind where the books are all standing forward with the covers facing out.

I hated them.

When I started my new job I was really annoyed to find that all the libraries in the system used them. "How do you find things for the pull list?" "They aren't in order! How do you keep them in order?!" I thought it was such a disservice to users; not having things in order or easy to find. I was seriously disgruntled that I would have to deal with picture book bins. It went against every fiber of my organized librarian being.

At my old job I supervised both the library clerks and library pages. They all hated the picture books. They hated shelving them, and they REALLY hated shelf-reading them. But they needed to be shelf-read all.the.time so I was constantly dealing with push-back on picture book maintenance.  If only those darn kids would just keep their little hands off the books so they'd stay in order.

Here's what I've learned/seen with bins:

  • With bins, every single bin is a display. And the best part? They are self-filling displays! If the front book gets chosen the next book proudly stands forth. No glaring empty spot in sight. There are also bins with cool little display platforms.
  • Not every collection benefits from strict alphabetical order. The majority of use picture books receive is from browsers. Making the collection easier to browse is better service. Yes, it might be slightly more inconvenient to a student or someone looking for specific books...but I spent a lot of time helping people find specific books that were supposedly in order with traditional shelving too. Managed chaos is the nature of the kids area. I'm embracing it.
  • Apparently (before my time) every single library in my system increased circ on picture books after bins were installed. Kids and families love them, and increased circ is something I can definitely get behind.
  • Not only are they perfect kid height, and high in kid appeal, I can find things faster too. It's much quicker and more accurate for me personally to flip through covers (while standing) than to read call numbers (while kneeling on the floor). I rarely miss the book I'm looking for this way, which I would often do when scanning call numbers. The covers and art are generally much more recognizable to me. With bins, I give faster, better, more accurate service to patrons when helping them find books.
  • The department stays much tidier with bins. No more facing shelves and making sure all the spines line up. No more tipped bookends. 
  • I seriously wish I could go back in time and change my old library over to bins; it would have been a great fit at that little library.  Page and clerk staff at my new library also prefer the bins, so they're happier too.
Here are some other libraries using bins:

Brown Public Library, Northfield, VT
Arlington Heights Memorial Library, IL
North Community Library, LaCrosse, WI

All that being said? The DVDs are only in order as far as the first letter, and then it's a free-for-all.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

MLA Handout

Creating Professional Community: Beyond the Social Media Buzz

Instead of giving out paper handouts during our presentation, Sarah and I decided to post live links to all the resources we mentioned in our talk. The goal of our talk is to help librarians, especially those working in YS, to connect online and create meaningful professional networks. Hope this helps!

Contact Us:
Sarah Wethern
YA Librarian Tales

Anna Haase Krueger

The World of KidLit

Kidslitosphere Conference

Tweet Chats:
#readadv, #libchat, #yalitchat,  #FridayReads, #titletalk, #SaturdayLibrarian,  #satchat, #pblitchat

Edudemic’s artitcle 20 Twitter Chats Every Librarian Should Know About
Twitter for Newbies (by Anna)
Why Twitter? If You Were on Twitter Yesterday” by Scott McLeod

Sarah's picks:
Anna's picks:



Flannel Friday and Storytime Resources

Flannel Friday website
Flannel Friday on Pinterest
Flannel Friday website
Flannel Friday--Creating Collaborators and Friends

Mel's Desk
Abby the Librarian
What Happens in Storytime
Storytime Katie
Resource List on Mel's Desk
Storytime Share
Flannel Friday Blogroll
Flowering Minds
Design of the Picture Book

Pinterest for Libraries

Voya Magazine’s “How to Use Pinterest for your Library”
Archived Webinar on Pinterest for Librarians--You must register, but it’s free.

Marge Loch-Wouters’ Pinterest boards full of articles, tips, and tricks for using Pinterest in libraries

Storyblocks from CLEL

YALSA’s Webinars on demand

YALSA Academy

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Minnesota Library Association Annual Conference

Come join us!
Minnesota Library Association
The fabulous Sarah of YA Librarian Tales and I are presenting at MLA tomorrow, Thursday 10/4 at 11 am. Our talk is called "Connecting with Online Communities: Beyond the Social Media Buzz"* and is all about how to use the internet and social media to connect with other librarians and grow professionally despite time and money limitations.

Make sure to say hi even if you can't make it to the program--I'm really looking forward to meeting some of my online colleagues in person!

*The name we submitted is different than the name used in the conference materials. This is the name you'll see on the conference schedule if you're looking for us.
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