Monday, October 29, 2012

Convincing Reasons to Never Leave Your Job

 From the adorable beyond words file, I received this in the mail today:

As many of you know and others may suspect, I left my job at the end of September. My husband got a transfer with his job, and we are excited to be back in the place where we consider home. As happy as we were personally, it was a difficult time for me, leaving my library and all the relationships I had there. I am beyond lucky to already have a job as a Children's Librarian in our new place, but things have been crazy busy with the move and re-settling. Everything--and I mean everything--is new and different and unsettled right now. But it's getting better.

As it happens I DO have a nose piercing.

I am also known for wearing heels

I'm so thankful for the time I spent at my old job, and so humbled by the impact that I had on all my my little people there. I am sorry to have left them, but I'm totally looking forward to writing some sticker-filled letters very soon!

Ms. Anna
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