Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Secret Weapon Song

I have a secret weapon.  It works.  I use it at Head Start, I use it with 2nd Grade, I use it with assemblies of 150 k-5th grade students.  It never fails. 

It's called the Watermelon Song. I learned it at camp, from someone who traveled to the Philippines.  It's to the tune of "Frere Jacques" (what would we do without that song?). The actions are critical to success of the song. I always introduce it as seeming very easy, but pay attention--it gets harder. We start out slowly and progress to C-R-A-Z-Y and always end with a room full of happy laughter. I'm famous for it in these parts.

Watermelon watermelon (trace big watermelon shape with both arms)
Papaya papaya (trace a kind of snowman pattern)
Ba-na-na-na-nana (Make a baby rocking motion with arms and bend knees with each syllable)
Fruit Salad! Fruit Salad! (Hands on hips, 'pop' hips to one side--I also say "frUIT" with a silly squeaky emphasis)

This last line is the killer, especially for older kids who can't decide if they're embarrassed or having a blast--the first round.  By the third round they are ALL IN.

When I have older kids, I always get a helper or two up front with me.  The ones who volunteer are eager to participate, and that sets the tone for the whole rest of the group--those 5th graders are doing it, it must be cool.

Here's a bunch of adorable kids singing it


  1. I use it with 2nd Grade, I use it with assemblies of 150 k-5th grade students. It never fails. visit website

  2. I always remember that especially in my Music Class!!! ^_^ It's really fun to sing, LOL!!! I actually came from the Philippines and me, my sisters and my brother used to sing it, too. I forgot about the banana and fruit salad part, so I sang it like this:

    Watermelon, watermelon
    Papaya, Papaya
    Watermelon, papaya
    Watermelon, papaya
    Papaya, Papaya

    So that's how I used to sing it, but thanks to you, I know the lyrics now! Thanks a lot!

    Watermelon, watermelon
    Papaya, papaya
    Banana-na-nana, Banana-na-nana
    Fruit salad! Fruit salad!

    - Anonymous :P
    ---A.K.A. Kotsuko no Subarashi-san on Facebook and Google---
    - See ya, bro!


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