Thursday, June 23, 2011

Add me to the chorus!

I'm also singing the praises of Lego Club at the library!

We've never done a lego club here before, but I know the local Boys and Girls club had/has one. Still, I thought it was worth a try at the library. One of the things that made want to try it is the audience it attracts--elementary school boys and their dads are a hard group to reach! My hope was that it would be successful during summer, and I could continue to offer it through the school year--maybe once a month on Saturdays.

Since I really didn't know how this would go in my community (and since Legos are expensive) I invited kids to bring a gallon bag of Legos from home to complete the secret challenge. I invited kids grade 3+ alone, and younger with an adult.

I was feeling kind of anxious this morning, like I should be doing more work for this program! But aside from advertising there just wasn't much for me to do--refreshing. I made some signs to reveal the secret building challenge and printed some photos to inspire the kids and "set the mood." And that was it!

I had a dozen kids happily building and chatting away for nearly an hour and a half! I made sure to photograph their creations, and handed out Jolly Ranchers as a little treat at the end.

Now that I think this could really take off, I'll put out flyers and a notice on our website asking for Lego donations so we can build (no pun intended!) our own collection for kids who may not have their own.

I'm so thankful it is so easy for librarians to share great programs like this!

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  1. Yay! Glad it worked out for you. Our Lego program is a big hit and so much fun for everyone!

  2. What's your setup? Sounds like it's probably pretty close to mine but I'm also looking for improvements.


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