Friday, June 3, 2011

Five Elephants in the Bathtub

Sharing this one today, since it's so simple and I'm in a rush.  Found the little ditty at SurLaLune and whipped up some clipart to go with it.  Sorry for the picture quality--I'm a bit rushed today.  Here's the clipart for the bathtub and elephants.  (I love how popular that bathtub is with children's librarians--I see it everywhere). I just used Word to recolor the elephants.  Laminate and velcro dot and you're good to go.  

Getting crowded in there!

They all fell in!
I made two copies, and attach the second set to the back of the flannel board before storytime.  Then when  'Crash! They all fell in!' I can just flip the board really quickly for a bit of a twist/surprise for the kids.   


  1. Awwww, I really want to re-do my "Five Elephants" flannel with colorful elephants after seeing yours!

  2. Very cute! I like the idea of flipping the board upside down.

  3. y'know I stopped looking at Surlalune a while back. I don't know why i became frustrating, but I'm gonna give it another shot. That was an awesome post thanx a million!

  4. What a fun idea to flip the board and quickly get the all-fall-down image in front of the kids. Now I am thinking what other rhymes I could use this technique for! Thanks for being a part of Flannel Friday!


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