Friday, August 5, 2011

Inspired by Flannel Friday

Make a Pig! Inspired by a previous Flannel Friday post by Sharon at Rain Makes Applesauce here's my version of that delightful story. I won't reinvent the wheel though--check her post to see how to present the story.  Go on, I'll wait.  Ok, ready? Here's my version:

My pig was inspired by a cute pig found using Google image search. Everything else I just cut free-hand.

Here are all the pieces that I made for my version. I made a hat instead of a wig/toupee to make the kids laugh at the end.

Legs. I'm sure people in the library were wondering what I was cackling about in my office while I was making this.  I am particularly delighted by the human legs.  First I put up the blue pig feet, which prompts them to request pink feet and, BAM! Out come these suckers. It looks awesomely ridiculous and the kids were rolling with laughter.


Close up of the mouse/nose options.

My tails.  I love sticking the 'pigtail' on the pigs head.

This flannel was a delight to make (seriously: cackling) and just the kind of thing I like to share in ST.  It's endlessly adaptable and I won't feel like I need a reason/theme to use it.  All in all, this sort of thing is exactly why Flannel Friday is so great!

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  1. This is great. My favorite, go to flannel!! Enjoy!

  2. Sharon it is definitely becoming my newest favorite too. It's amazing--you can practically see the wheels turning in the kids' brains as they try to come up with the right words to use!


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