Friday, August 26, 2011

Time To Sleep Flannel Friday

Today's Flannel Friday is a story I did a fall or two ago. I don't often make picture books into flannel because I just don't really enjoy sharing most books that way.  I tend to find it awkward--do I read the book while attempting to move the pieces? Do I memorize or tell a simplified version of the story? As someone with an art background, I also feel weird about it, as though I'm undermining or undervaluing the illustrator. 

So I tend to use flannel stories that add to the book or extend the book. I like to share the book as written then share the flannel activity. But with this one, it's just the book over again.

Long story short, I made this and only used it once. Maybe looking at it now I'll come up with a new way to use it--or one of my lovely readers will have a great idea! Maybe just having the kids retell the story from memory to work on narrative skills while I put up the pieces?

The book is the delightful Time to Sleep by Denise Fleming.

And see how great her illustrations are?

The whole cast

"Bear sniffed once.
She sniffed twice.
'I smell winter in the air. . . .'"

Furry friends close-up

Friends with shells close up

Any ideas from library land? I'm all ears!

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  1. I understand your concerns. I like doing stories like this. Sometimes it's okay to step away from the book and tell the story visually. It helps me as a storyteller and it helps kids with listening and visualizing skills.

    By the way, I think your animals are beautiful.

  2. Tiny precious ladybug! And your snail is super cute, too. You can always try a re-telling with the kids. I do that when I read "The Biggest Thing In the Ocean." I love that book too much to not read it!

  3. these animals are so cute! i agree with storytimekatie... repeat tellings are a great way to put a cute flannel like this to use.

  4. I agree about being reluctant about making books into flannel too. However, I like the idea of reading the book first, and then retelling with the flannel. Thanks to everyone for the tips!

  5. I like to show the book (without reading it) so that the parents know where the story is coming from. Sometimes I'll open it to give them a little peek at the illustrations and them tell them that 'today we are going to hear the story in a different way, but if you would like you can check out the book to hear it again at home!'


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