Thursday, July 28, 2011

Five Apples in a Basket

I'm not sure what the original source for this is, but it seems to appear all over the place on the Internet, and none of the sites I looked at credited it to anyone.  If I'm wrong and you know where credit goes, I'll gladly update. 

This is one of the first flannels I made, before I was even a librarian.  I did a few weeks of storytime subbing and I made this for a fall theme.  It is always appreciated.  I use Sharpies to add detail to my flannel stories, but I dab or tap the ink on rather than writing normally.  Writing normally pulls of up the fibers in the felt. 

Empty Basket

The first apple in the basket was a bright and shiny red.

The second apple in the basket said, "My, what a cozy bed."

The third apple in the basket said, "Now we two are a pair."

The fourth apple in the basket said, "Please move over there."

The fifth apple in the basket said, "Oh dear, oh me oh my. This basket looks like pastry--I think we're in a pie!"

Why I like it:
  • Talk about feelings
  • Sorting
  • Talk about colors
  • Opens up a conversation about real apples

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  1. Hi Miss Anna, Thanks for the tip about dabbing or tapping the sharpie, I ran into the problem with the fibres just yesterday!

  2. i like the face changes on your apple. Four is clearly put-out.

  3. Haha, thanks Sharon. #4 is my favorite! Making him look cranky was teh only way the rhyme made sense to me.

  4. Very cute! I'll definitely be stealing this when we get ready for fall storytimes. :)


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