Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Ultimate Spy Challenge

This is an old post that I wrote, and, for some reason, never published. This was the culmination of my super fun and successful Spy Week that I did last spring break. I wrote about the passive station I did all week here and here, and this post is about the drop-in Spy Party I did on the last day.

This was a super easy activity, that went over REALLY well: fingerprinting.

This amuses me greatly: Chicken disguise

Program outline:

Here's another example of my planning process, which I talk about here. In this case, I decided to save one of the activities for a different program (Angry Birds), since I realized I was over planning for this one.

  • Nametages with spy names (Mr. or Ms. plus a color or initial)
  • Laser course (red yarn)
  • Observation test: This was really popular. I had a tray full of random items. The kids would look at it for 10-20 seconds, and then I would remove something and they would try to remember what was missing. They played it independently too, taking turns being the guesser and the hider. 
  • The disguise station was basically just paper crafts--make a hat, beard, or other disguise
  • Leftovers was items I had already created for the passive station
  • Book display: I had them take 5-10 minutes and look at the books I had on spies and codes. Then they wrote a cool fact on the poster paper I had out. 
  • Two Truths and Lie--regular game that was a good fit for the program. 
  • Lying Game--I don't remember what this was!
See the post here for a list of all my resources and credit for many of the ideas I used.

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