Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spy Week Day 2-5

I already wrote about Day 1 of Spy Week, so here are descriptions of the rest of the passive activities I put out each day.  The Day 1 activity remained set up all week. I'm tracking most of the interactions by keeping track of how many sheets I put out vs. how many are left over. If anything, those results are low since one sheet usually represented a kid/parent interaction or multiple kids working together, but I'm pleased with the results either way.

Day 2 of spy week tests the observational skills of my young sleuths. I filled a mason jar with rice and a variety of small objects. I taped it shut, and secured it to the table.  The instructions  told them to carefully shake and turn the jar in order to find and identify all ten objects hidden within, and there were blank spaces numbered 1-10 for them to record their findings.

Day 3 of spy week is about disguise. I put out papers that were divided into two sections. On one side they were to draw themselves, and on the other side they were to design the ultimate disguise. I invited them to turn in their designs for our "Spy Disguise Guide" (binder) at the reference desk. Put out colored pencils and boom! Done.

Day 4 of spy week is your basic spy-themed word search.

Day 5 of spy week is a code-breaking activity that I put together. I also put out some sheets of white paper that I had written messages on in white crayon. Coloring over the crayon (wax) with marker (water-based) revealed the messages (the code sheets were pretty hard, so I wanted something easier to put out as well).

Day 5 also includes the "Ultimate Spy Challenge" program.

 These are all the places that inspired different parts of Spy Week.

Spy Birthday Party 
Tiny Tips for Library Fun-Scavenger Hunt
Falling Flannelboards--Library Program: Spy Camp
Rachel Moani Blog--Library Program: Spy Training Academy
Bryce Don't Play--Library Program: Spyology
Show Me Librarian--Library Program: Spy Club
Inner Child Fun--DIY Spy Kit
Secret Codes
Logic Problems catapult instructions

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