Monday, April 22, 2013

Read This Book

Hey, early literacy librarians, read this book:

Mind in the Making

I admit that it took me a long time to get through this book, but that's because there's so much great information--I really enjoyed it and it never felt like a chore. It's geared towards parents, but ultimately falls more on the academic side of things; I can't imagine handing it to the average patron looking for parenting books. However, the book really supports what we do as children's librarians, and anyone who is interested in the science of brain development will appreciate the view of nurture via nature that the book presents.  The text is firmly rooted in research, and reading about all the different studies was fascinating and very enlightening. I felt like I really learned and absorbed a lot of the research since it was written in a way that was very accessible, so I came away with ideas about how to inform my work so that it falls more in line with the research.

I got it from the library, but actually just purchased it for my personal collection because I want to go back to it (I buy 1-3 books a year, tops, so this is a significant endorsement from me). 

I really really highly recommend this book!

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