Friday, April 26, 2013

Flannel Friday--Alligator Pie

 The very first storytime I ever did was Alligator themed. Why alligators? No idea. Unfortunately, I don't remember where I found the rhyme Alligator Pie, but it was part of that very first storytime outline.

When I did it in storytime way back when, it went ok, but it felt kind of awkward and didn't really go over well.

Now that I've been doing this for a few years, I've been revisiting some of those old outlines and decided to give Alligator Pie another chance. Because of all I've learned with Flannel Friday, I thought that some visual cues for my audience might make a big difference.

I used clip art and made these--the main rhyme is the size of four 8.5x11 sheets, and each verse is on legal sized paper. I leave the main rhyme up, and switch out the other pages for each verse (I laminated these and use them on the magnetic whiteboard side of my easel).

It was a great success! I do a clap rhythm (hand clap knee slap) while we recite it, and with the visual cues everyone participated with me--Hurrah! I will be adding Alligator Pie into my regular rotation.

 Email me if you'd like to share--they are Microsoft Publisher files.

Learn more about Flannel Friday here, and see the rest of this week's round up on Andrea's blog, Roving Fiddlehead Kidlit


  1. Love this idea!! Thanks for sharing...I'm gonna add it to my alligator file.

  2. Alligator Pie is by Dennis Lee. It's also the title of a book of poetry by Dennis Lee (which I've never read). I found it in Clifton Fadiman's World Treasury of Children's Literature.

  3. Great idea for making this poem more interactive!

    When I was growing up almost every young child knew Alligator Pie by heart - because Dennis Lee is (drum rooooolllllllll) Canadian :). He was the premiere Canadian children's poet back in the day.

    I would love to have a copy of this - my email is amandamaria32(at)yahoo(dot)ca
    Thanks for sharing, Anna!

  4. I would also love a copy of this: I lack a magnetic board, but I just so happen to have a cookie sheet.......I wonder. javaintheam (at) hotmail (dot) com. Thanks so much for sharing!!

  5. We use cookie sheets (and the fridge of course :)) for magnets all the time at home. If you want to make it more eye catching you can spray paint it a fun colour.

  6. Kristie, you can also glue a piece of felt on the back to make the words and pictures flannelboard-friendly. I would do a piece of stiff black felt that is big enough to frame the piece by about 1/8 to 1/4 inch on all sides. Really makes the pictures and words stand out.

    Anna, I love, love, love the way you took this poem and added to it to make it an awesome early literacy tool for storytime. I can see why everyone participated with you. It is a WINNER!

    Thanks for sharing! It is going on my TBM pile for sure!
    Enjoy your day!
    ~ K ~


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