Thursday, January 31, 2013

Flannel Friday: Chinese Dragon Edition

Five Red Dragons

Just in time for Chinese New Year, I have an amazing set of flannels to share with you. One of my new coworkers (who doesn't even work in the children's department!) creates the most A-MAZE-ING flannels for the library system. I feel soooo lucky to have someone on staff who has the time and talent to create pretty much whatever we ask her to make! I've seen her work before, but these dragons just blow me away.

She does such a great job of layering the felt pieces to create a 3D look, and these are large pieces--bigger than my hand. Last year Mollie posted her cute dragons and the rhyme she used them with, make sure to check it out here. 

Those teeth!

Anne is hosting this week's Flannel Friday round-up. To learn more about Flannel Friday or how to participate, check out the Flannel Friday Blog.

The shiny glitter talons!!!


  1. Those are absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Wow. That is so cool. Think I can outsource? :)

  3. These are fantastic! Did she use a pattern that you'd be willing to share or did they just come out of her head? I am amazed. Great work!

  4. SOOO beautiful! This must have taken her forever! It's amazing.


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