Thursday, November 29, 2012

Four Tips for Job Seekers

I've been able to be involved in a lot of public library hiring and training so far in my career, and I always meant to write up a post about some of the suggestions I have for library job seekers.

Today I read this great post over at Letters to a Young Librarian, and it inspired me to share a couple of gentle reminders.


1. Personality matters. A lot. A huge part of working in the library these days is customer service. We look at an enthusiastic friendly personality as a key skill that can't be taught, and for anyone who works with the public this is a huge factor. If you're someone who is quiet and nervous during interviews practice practice practice.

2. For public libraries, the core answer to every question is basically the same: Consider your users.
(Know your community/engage with your community/we do this to improve patron experience/to make it easier for patrons to___) I absolutely LOVE Cari Dubiel's take down of the "I like to read" response. She just nails it with this sentence, "The interviewer does not want to hear what the library can do for you.  She wants to hear what you can do for the library." So true, and extrapolating that answer out even further, everything you do for the library is for the benefit of your users/community. There's a reason it's called public service.

3. Your cover letter is too.damn.long. Librarians! Come on! You don't need to list everything that you've ever done in your cover letter. I know we're a long-winded bunch but if your cover letter is longer than this blog post you're not doing yourself any favors.

4. Read the Ask a Manager blog. Honestly everyone who needs a job, has a job, or ever will have a job should read this blog.

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  1. I just now saw this, as I'm finally getting around to updating my website. Thank you so much! And I love Ask a Manager as well.


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