Friday, November 9, 2012

Flannel Friday--Anna's Coworker Edition

Welcome to Flannel Friday! I'm delighted to be hosting again it has been a while. If you're not sure what Flannel Friday is, check out the blog to find out how to get involved!

Since I'm calling it "Anna's Coworker Edition" for a reason, we'll start off with this darling song for the flannel board created by my crazy-talented co-worker Monica over at Ram Sam Storytime--she even includes a bonus video of her performing the song!

Next up is Tami, one of my library school bff's/now coworker with her darling story, The Hair-Raising Adventures of Shanice Suzanne (hosted by me since Tami doesn't blog).

Anne at So Tomorrow continues to inspire us with her fun draw-and-tell stories. Bookmark this one since it's perfect for those spring storytimes--Jane's Garden

Lisa at Libraryland presents a great way to highlight the names of storytime kids while letting them get hands-on with the flannel board. T-Shirt Song

Miss Mary Liberry inspires me to re-do MY careworn flannel song Five in a Bed with her utterly charming Five Bears in the Bed

Trails and Tales shares a whole bunch of activities related to woodpeckers and bird beaks

The Library Lady shares a simple Turkey Hat Craft with great visuals that illustrate the importance of individuality and creativity

Storytime Katie spreads the love by sharing two ideas inspired by others, both of which deal with a favorite theme among young patrons--Horses!

Ooh, here's a super fun creation from Linda at Notes from the Story Room--Whose Tail? Guessing Game
(apologies to Linda for the typo I fixed--totally my error!)

A fantastic and original idea from Andrea at Roving Fiddlehead Kidlit Art Vocabulary Cards. I love how this reuses something that would otherwise be tossed or recycled, familiarizes kids with famous works of art, and has many uses.

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  1. Another great Flannel Friday! Thank you to everyone for your submissions!


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