Monday, November 4, 2013


I noticed that kids at the circ desk were often bored bored bored and literally trying to climb the wall while their parents registered for cards, paid fines, or took care of other adult business. At self-checkout, kids are involved in the process, but here at the desk there was nothing for them to do. So I bought some acrylic mirrors through Amazon, and gave the desk a facelift (...see what I did there? FACElift? I'm hilarious).

I wish I could post pictures of all the kids interacting with the display. They are adorable! I notice pre-readers "reading" the emotions portrayed, and naturally mimicking the expressions--often in every mirror, big and small. And most importantly, it serves as a great distraction for while the adults are busy at the desk. Success!

Edit: I'd be happy to share the files with the faces I created. Email me at gmail: opinionsbyanna


  1. This is awesome. How did you stick the mirrors securely?

  2. They are acrylic mirrors, so they don't weigh much. Nonetheless, I wasn't allowed to use the adhesive that was already on the mirrors, so I peeled off the backing and stuck paper to them, then stuck everything to the desk using Scotch's Removable Poster Tape--one of the only things we're allowed to stick on walls or furniture.

  3. Loved this so much that we did a version at my library - you can see a few pictures here:
    Thank you so much for sharing this idea!

  4. This is just great. Thank you very much for sharing!


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