Friday, July 19, 2013

Flannel Friday--10 Little Babies

One little, two little, three little babies...

Four little, five little, six little babies...

Seven little, eight little, nine little babies...

Ten little darling babies! *kisses*

The babies are quite large; each face is four inches round. I used them in baby storytime this week, and all the babies (and adults) LOVED them. We sang the song three times, and the first time I put the babies up on the board as we sang, and then pointed to each face on the repeats.

These are HEAVILY influenced by the artwork of Karen Katz, so all credit for their adorableness goes to her!


  1. Absolutely perfect! Need to flannelize soon!

  2. The attention you spent on the details is such a nice touch. I've done this song with flannel bunnies, alligators, etc....but I never thought to do baby faces! What intrigues babies more than baby faces?? Not much! Great idea.


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