Thursday, March 15, 2012


Have I whined mentioned my commute before? I live 42 miles from work. Yeah, that's an oil change per month. On the plus side, lots of time to listen to audiobooks! And I just got a new stereo in my car with an iPod hookup, so Playaways are now available to me, too.  Yay!

kermit the frog

The point of me mentioning this is to say: I also spend a lot of my commute my head. If only there were a legal/non-life endangering way to drive and blog at the same time, I'd be all over that.  Oh the wonderful posts I've written for my head.

This is one of them.*

I've been thinking a lot lately about philosophies. Why do I certain things, why do I do them the way that I do, etc. I think it's important to be able to answer those questions--especially in institutions like libraries where there is such a long and ordered history. There are few things that make me cringe more than the phrase, "Because that's the way we've always done it."

That should never be the answer to anything. Seriously. If that's the only way you know to justify a process, it's time to step back and evaluate. I'd say re-evaluate, but chances are that there was never an initial evaluation. Libraries are notorious for this; going on Full-Steam Ahead! and rarely stopping to see if circumstances have changed or if there's a better way. Let's stop that, shall we?

I like to look at how things work in terms of systems, and think of more efficient processes and policies. I've likely annoyed many status quo-loving coworkers over the years but, alas, it is my nature to organize, systematise, and update. I can honestly say that in every job I've had, I've left the place running more efficiently than when I started. It's a good feeling.

In terms of what I'm doing now, I plan to write a series of philosophizing posts to cover the following topics:
My philosophy of teen services
My storytime philosophy
My art/craft philosophy
My music philosophy

I'm outlining my plans here in an attempt to be a bit more organized about posting, and get more of these posts out of my head and onto the blog where you can read them.

*The way I wrote this makes me think of the grammatically awkward opening to the show Hoarders, "This is one of their stories..." I thought about making that more intentional and playing up the joke, but my sense of humor is strange and I wasn't sure if anyone would even get it. So I decided to make an awkward footnote type thingy** down here so as not to distract from the serious nature of my blog-itizing.

**There must be a real name for the act of using an asterisk to make a post-script. If only there were some kind of research expert around to figure it out.


  1. I completely endorse this way of thinking. In my teaching program, we were extensively instructed to reflect on what went right and wrong every day. And if there was nothing in the "wrong" column, well, we better think again because surely SOMETHING needs improving. It's pretty much how I live my entire life anymore, and I look forward to reading your future posts on the above topics.

    librarians are more than storytime. I hope... or else why do I hate storytime so much?!:)

  2. You go. Looking forward to reading your thoughts.And I second Sara's comments. Work and life that is not rflected upon to look for ways to improve it/them is just plain useless!

  3. I'm with you on the blogging technology! My commute is shorter than your's (15 miles each way), but it's rural and quiet (usually), and if I'm not listening to audio books, I'm practicing new songs, or composing the MOST fantastic posts. I also mentally compose blogs in the shower. All will have left my head by the time I get to a computer though, so you never get to share!
    I also work in a library where there are so many 'rules' is hard to know which ones have any sound basis. We are part of a larger LIS, so there are some procedures that MUST be followed. Sorting one type of rule out from another though is a mammoth task (and I'm still working on it)!


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