Friday, September 16, 2011

Flannel Friday--How do I put it on?

So, I jettisoned my to-do list and made a flannel today. It felt good. I've really missed actually working on things for storytime.  The simple yet delightful, "How Do I Put It On?" by Shigeo Watanabe just begged me to turn it into felt.

Little Bear photographed really dark--sorry!

First I looked at the illustrations in the book, and did a Google image search for bears to figure out how I wanted him to look.  I knew he'd need long legs and arms to put the cloths on.  Then I did a small sketch (on the green paper) to test out some ideas.  Once I had it how I wanted it, I sketched him onto a clean sheet.  then I lightly outlined the clothes shapes so that they would be the right size. 

All my felt-making tools.

Next I enlarged my drawing on the photocopier so it would be better for group viewing, and made two copies (one for the bear shape, and one for the clothes).

Then I used my paper scissors (the orange ones) to cut out my pattern for just the bear. I taped that to the felt and then cut the felt with my cloth scissors.  Taping the pattern on works wonderfully--I just cut through the tape.  Paper dulls scissors very quickly, and cutting cloth with dull scissors is a nightmare, so I'm very careful to use different pairs for different materials.

I did the same thing for the clothes, and then I added details with markers using the dabbing approach rather than a dragging/writing motion.

Can't turn it without starting over.

I gave him a Green Bay Packer shirt because I know my audience, and it will delight many of the little boys in my storytimes.  I printed the logo on paper and glued it on.

I'd be happy to share my template if anyone wanted it. 
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  1. This is so funny! I have, on my cart, ready for storytime tomorrow the How do I put it On? book. Decided I didn't like the flannel version we have. But, in honor of your post, I'll give it a try tomorrow!

  2. Thanks for showing us your process of developing a new flannel pattern from scratch! It's so valuable to get a glimpse behind the curtain. I need to challenge myself to do more flannelboards from books, so thanks too for reminding me that there are some great books to adapt!

  3. I love this book and love that you gave him a Packers jersey! :)

  4. He is a lovely bear - can I have your pattern?

  5. Yes, please, for template! I LOVE this book!

  6. grammielibrary--where I can I send the pattern to share it with you?

  7. Anna, if you want to fax it, send to 615-790-8426. Or if by email, Thanks much!

  8. Your post for creating a flannel story was so helpful. I'd love a copy of your template if it's still available.

  9. I'd also love a copy of your template if it's still available.

  10. Hello. I would love a copy of your template if it still available. Is there a way I can give you my email privately?


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